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I Have a Plan

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Dos Ojos CenoteEver since Canice left last Friday I’ve still been hanging out in Playa with a couple of people that I’ve met here at Hostel Casa Santiago. There was one Aussie in my room, about the same age as me, who was living in San Francisco for 4 months until he got (surprise) laid off. I’ve also been hanging out with an Argentinian girl, Guillemina. She’s helping me out with my Spanish. I’ve never heard Argentine Spanish before, they pronounce their Ys like SH.

Since they’re both new to Playa, they’ve been pulling me out of bed in the morning to sieze the day. We’ve gone to Xpu-ha beach, Akumal beach, Dos Ojos Cenote, and Grand Cenote. The cenotes are basically underground lakes and rivers. The Yucatan Penninsula consists of limestone and there are no above ground bodies of water. I just snorkeled in the water, but I watched some scuba divers who were able to go deeper and farther into the cavern where there are no pockets of air. I regret not going to a cenote with Ali; I know he would have loved it. They surpassed my expectations.

I decided not to stay in Playa any longer and spend more time in South America before I leave for Australia. It would be foolish to go to South America without taking a look around. I looked at a bunch of different flight options. Flying from either Cancun or Mexico City to Ecuador or Colombia would cost about $500 and include different stops. Instead, I looked at various other non-stop flights, from major airports, to see if I could make my own layovers and see some places in between. I found an Aviacsa flight from Cancun to Mexico city for $61. I leave for DF (Distrito Federal, Mexico City) on Wednesday. On Friday, I fly on Mexicana for $172 to Miami. My friend Adam lives in Boca Raton so I’m excited to see him and have a free place to stay. Miami is also one of the big airport hubs of the Caribbean which enabled me to find a cheap ($302) flight to Cartagena, Colombia. Once in Cartagena, I’ll make my way by land to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where I’ll met my new captain and disembark on a trans-oceanic voyage.

I’ve been wanting to go to Mexico City for years, so I’m exited about going there. Chatting with my old roommate, Caroline, on Facebook , she told me her brother Mike is going to be there so I’m going to try and meet up with him and his girlfriend. I’m also excited to go to South America because I’ll get to cross another continent off my list, and soon another hemisphere.

Here is the profile of the next boat I’ll be sailing on. It’s a 37ft monohull. It’s going to be a lot different from Crystal Blue Persuasion, mainly because it’s a lot smaller. Gary said his boat would spoil me but I’m not going to find out for sure until I actually get there.


  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Sean,
    You may be in Miami by now. If you’re interested, I have friends in Coconut Grove, near Miami. She is a childhood friend from Portland and her husband is a well-known horticulturalist who goes all over the world giving lectures. They lived on a tropical estate in Coconut Grove, where they managed and cared for many exotic plants that are being researched for possible medicinal uses. Sounds like you are having fun. How long will it take you to get to Australia? Stay safe. I love you. Mom

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