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Sailust | A Weekend in San Diego

A Weekend in San Diego

Monday, October 27th, 2008

San Diego was predictable. I went to University of California at San Diego for four years and worked in San Diego for one more. Since moving away, I’ve tried to go there at least once a year to visit my friend, Ali, and others. My visits are always enjoyable but usually consist of the same activities: Going to the beach or sleeping during the day and going out to bars at night, with some eating in between.

Last time I was in San Diego was for the Fourth of July weekend. I hoped to escape the depressing San Francisco weather but I got gyped. It was muggy and overcast the whole weekend. This time, however, made up for that. The weather was warm and shinny, how I remember San Diego most.

I wanted to shower. Ali was picking me up at 7 and he didn’t want to back-track to his place in Del Mar before we started our night so I gave in. We ate at the Old Town Mexican Restaurant, an originally named Mexican restaurant in Old Town. Afterwards we headed out to the Ould Sod in North Park to meet up with some of Ali’s friends whom I’ve never met. It was karaoke night so I grabbed a slip of paper and looked up my favorite karaoke number: Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge. They had it. It was only a few songs before I was given the mic. The crowd was mostly engaged from what I could tell, especially two cute girls in front. One of them mouthed, “I like your mustache.” After the song, I high-fived my way to the back of the bar where my friends were drinking. I told Ali about the girls, glaced back and saw that they had left. Ten minutes later, they appeared in the back of the bar, next to our table. We started chatting it up and I eventually sang a couple duets with one of them. I said I wouldn’t do any Grease and suggested Don’t You Want Me by the Human League, which we sang. Then she suggested Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John, which I still don’t think is a duet, but we pulled it off. She gave me her business card. She was a masuse. I would have felt special at having pulled her number except for the fact that she had given her card to two other guys. Cards are impersonal anyways. That didn’t stop me from texting her the next day. We texted a few times back and forth and then nothing. I guessed she didn’t respond because I was leaving and perhaps because I was too young. I never would have guessed it, but she was 35. I knew this because she asked me my age, testing to see if my age was within her self-set boundaries, whatever those were.

The next morning Ali cooked some breakfast burritos complete with hash browns, refried beans, tomatoes, eggs and avocado. We left the house to take a hike at Torrey Pines State Park. I still hadn’t showered. It made no sense if we were going to hike and go to the beach. It had been just 3 days on the water, but I was already accustomed to seeing land from the ocean, not the ocean from the land. I looked out at the Pacific with a different perspective. I also looked out a lot farther. The water was still like glass and the wind nonexistant. There were some more porpoises swimming north, close to the shore. We hiked down the bottom of the cliffs and tossed the frisbee around on the beach. Ali and I first met when we both joined the ultimate Frisbee team in our junior years. We then left to pick up Ali’s girlfriend and go to a sushi happy hour that Ali heard about. Happy hour was at four, so I still would have no time to take a shower. The happy hour specials were meager. I split the $56 bill with Ali. Sushi never comes out cheap.

We went back to Ali’s and I took a shower.

Friday night Ali and I met up with my other friends from college, Sarah and Zhi-ning, at the Whistle Stop in South Park. We caught up on each others’ lives. Sarah and I compared iPhones; she had the older version and I had the newer 3G. They were still living together in the same UTC apartment since I left San Diego in 2005. Sarah lived close enough to walk to work but still drove. Zhi-ning was doing contract programming work for some sort of software that will eliminate the need for humans to read your electrical meters. After closing, we finished the night with the ritual of 2am burritos. I ordered a California burrito, which I’ve never seen outside of San Diego. It’s a regular carne asada burrito with french fries added. Taquerias that serve this also serve carne asada fries. They’re essentially the same plate only the fries lack a tortilla and you eat them with a fork.

Our Saturday was like a Sunday. After two nights of going out we wanted to veggitate for a day. I read emails and wrote about my trip. I also read his graduate school enterance essay. Ali cleaned his room and bathroom. It took us all day to accomplish these tasks. That night we met up with our mutual friend Brandon and went out in North Park.

Sunday was lazier than the day before. We ate Brunch with Sarah, Zhi-ning and Tracy at T’s Cafe in Solana Beach. After the girls left us in the parking lot we decided to stay and watch the Chargers game; they were down by 7 with a few minutes on the clock. It was taking place in London. I still can’t believe there was an NFL game held in London. It knew it will be a historic day, much like the day JT pulled off Janet Jackson’s top as part of a Super Bowl halftime show. It took me all day to pack, wash my clothes and shower.

At 9pm Ali drove me back to the boat. Crystal Blue Persuasion was anchored outside the East end of Harbor Island. Jordan met me with the dinghy on the steep rocky shore because the dock was a much farther row. I loaded it with my bags and 6 cases of beer. He rowed me out to the boat where the new crew members were conversing. It was surreal to be anchored in San Deigo Bay. Looking out my porthole I could see the downtown skyline. In the sky I saw a Southwest 737 aiming towards the airport.


  1. Ali Says:

    Hey! I had been checking the site and was wondering if you were going to write anymore. I feel so special being mentioned :) How was the baja ha-ha?

  2. Paul Says:

    California burrito/carne asada fries, high five. I hope you are enjoying your trip! :)

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