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Sailust | A Crew Application

A Crew Application

Monday, December 29th, 2008

I just spent an hour answering 26 questions that a potential skipper wanted answered. It’s like trying to find a roommate, but worse because quarters are really close and there’s no leaving once you’ve set sail. Here are my answers, see if you can guess the questions.

  1. I am 26 years old. Male. I stand 6’2″. I haven’t stepped on a scale since I’ve left, and have lost weight on the boat, as you can imagine. I would estimate I weigh about 220-210lbs. right now. I’ve lived in Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; and San Francisco, CA. I speak Spanish somewhat fluently; I’m learning more every day. I used to have long hair but now it’s short (and can stay that way if it’s a requirement–I don’t want to clog any bilge pumps). I can swim and can walk long distances, prefering to do so. I’ll attach a photo.
  2. Of boating, I’ve never been asked to leave of left before my time was up. I started out day and bay sailing and my ocean experience includes this last voyage I’ve been on from Santa Cruz, CA to Mahahual, Mexico. The boat for that voyage was a 55′ sailing Catamaran. All my other experience is on smaller monohulls. I’ve had formal sailing education at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and the Navy Sailing Center in Point Loma.
  3. Cooking. I would call myself a good cook. I was more or less THE cook on the last voyage because I enjoyed it. We cooked a lot of fish that we caught. Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon in the morning. Made sandwiches, cut fruit for lunch. Other dinners included pasta, spagehetti, rice, beans, hot dogs. I was the grill cook at a pizza restaurant and worked in my college cafeteria for 4 years.
  4. I have the advanced sailing certificates that I mentioned earlier. I’m an Eagle scout so we had to do a lot of first aid, knots, orienteering. It’s nice to be actually using this stuff 8 years later. I’ve been certified CPR several times, but doubt I could do it; I always forget it. I learn by doing and haven’t had too many opportunities to practice CPR, thankfully.
  5. Vices. I smoke cigarettes, no marijuana. I don’t smoke on the boat because I’m not allowed, which is probably a good thing. I do like to drink and the amount can vary, depending on who I’m with. I don’t drink much on the boat because it seems to be a lost cause; I would have to drink a lot to maintain a nice state of drunkeness. It can also be a logistical problem getting a lot of beer on the boat. A beer goes nice with dinner. Whatever my habits, they are a malleable and under control.
  6. I’d say that I’m on the quiter side of the spectrum, but, that of course, depends on who I’m with. There are so many hours on a boat, I think it’d be impossible to fill them all with banter. I like to read, which is one of the advantages of cruising. I’m certainly not a mute and I’m not fidgety.
  7. When awakened from a deep sleep usually I’m up and at them; sometimes, however, it can take a few minutes.
  8. I can tarry when getting ready to go. No more than 15 minutes. It depends on how long we’re going to be gone. The cruiser lifestyle can definitely slow a person down. It all depends on when the decision is made and how far in advance.
  9. My iPod finally died, so I’m afraid I don’t have any music. I have a very eclectic taste. On this last voyage, I’ve had to keep it pretty easy: Buena Vista Social Club, first wave ska, bossa nova, Bob Marley, Beatles, Cat Stevens, Beach Boys, Gypsy Kings, Johnny Cash, Doc Watson, Jimmy Buffet. When I don’t have to worry about anyone else I listen to Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Social Distortion. Really anything.
  10. I get over stuff pretty quickly and take criticism well, almost like I didn’t hear it. Due to stubborness, I will often feel the need to explain my posision, but since the captain is always right, unless you have a really good case, and unless it’s the only way, often times there’s no persuading. One example, my last captain said that I was off on a plot, which I’ve done before, I’ll measure in the wrong direction for a lattitude line or something. One particular time, I was sure I double checked it and he said I was off. This time I showed him what. It was only a mile or so off. He used a sliding ruler to make a plot, which I don’t particularly care for mostly because I can’t slide the thing straight for the life of me. Instead what I did was use the dividers to measure the distance on the lattitude scale and move it over to the closest meridian to measure. My plot turned out to be acurate that way but he still didn’t change it. No big deal.
  11. I don’t get car sick or sick on rides unelss they’re ones that spin you around. I am afraid of heights, but it’s not like I have vertigo. I do just fine on a ferris wheel. One of the themes of this trip for me is overcoming fear. If I have to go up in the bo’swan’s chair, so be it. I’ll try to avoid it though :)
  12. I’ve never been seasick or motionsick. I felt a tinge of uneasyness when I first started and took some Dramamine as a precation, but it made me tired as hell. At first I thought the seasickness was making me tired. Now I don’t take any Dramamine.
  13. I don’t require a cabin myself. I don’t mind sharing with either sex. The last time I checked, I was not a couple.
  14. I can carry all my stuff travelling. I have a backpack with sleeping bag. A laptop bag. A dry bag, which I’m not sure I’ll need to fill and a travel guitar. I don’t look very elegant, but I can carry it all.
  15. Normally I’m a night person, but that’s because I prefer nighttime activities. Since those are absent on a boat, I usually turn into a morning person, the sun does it naturally. I can stand watch anytime, as long as I’m prepared. I require 8 hours of sleep but find myself sleeping more due to the effects of the sun, wind and water.
  16. I like to read. I like to practice guitar. I like stargazing. I like swimming. Never done SCUBA but would be interested. I like to write and am maintaining a blog about my trip. I like to catch fish, cook fish and eat fish.
  17. I am comfortable going into an unknown town, street, shop, bar, restaurant by myself.
  18. I can sleep in anything moving. In fact, most of the times they rock me to sleep.
  19. No medical conditions. I just wear corrective lenses. Contacts in the day, glasses at night. I have an extra pair of glasses in case I lose one. My uncorrected vision is pretty poor.
  20. I can sew and do stuff on the computer. I’m a web designer/programmer by trade. I’m not well versed in the other stuff, but would really like to learn.
  21. I am very knowlegable about sailing, want to improve my skills and will participate in all work on the boat.
  22. I want to be involved in everything that goes on (but don’t mind if I’m not).
  23. Yes.
  24. You should pick me because I’m smart and agile. I’m eager to learn. For my age, I’ve got a good amount of experience. I’m simply a joy to have around.
  25. I do snore; I don’t know how bad. I’ve been told I talk loudly, I grew up in a yelling household. I’ve learned to keep it reasonable though. I toss at night sometimes but don’t make much noise. I haven’t had any real complaints. If I snore, just hit me till I stop.
  26. I agree.


  1. dad Says:

    happy New Years from all of us including jilly bean. Also recommend you read James Mitchners “Caribbean” If you travel down there it will help you with the history of the many Islands. Smooth sailing

  2. dad Says:

    Please send Ali address and your bank info.

  3. Auntie Ann Says:

    Hey Sean, I’ve been checking in on you since we heard of your adventure Thanksgiving Day. sound like you’re having a great doable time. Robert and i went to the Cancun area a few years back. We liked Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, and Merida- all easily traveling. especially liked Isla. what can I say, I grew up on an island! speaking of which, we spent Christmas on Bal Isle. while there, we took the train to San diego for a day. Wishing you the best on your next adventure…

  4. Katie Says:

    You learn something new every day! And somethings never change. :) p.s. love the new nav tabs.

  5. Gabrus Says:

    So what were questions 23 and 26?

  6. Sean Says:

    23. Do you understand the need to, and methods for, conservation of the renewable resources on a boat. ie. battery power, fresh water, refrigerator temperature.

    26. Do you accept that there is one skipper on board this boat. That person, me, is responsible for everything that happens, has the final say in all decisions, will decide your experience level and will instruct while you listen. I do not share those responsibilities with anyone. Please agree or disagree.

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