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Sailust | 2011 Baja Ha Ha Blogs

2011 Baja Ha Ha Blogs

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

It’s now 3 years since I embarked on my first Baja Ha Ha in 2008. I’m unfortunately landlocked at the moment and wanted to reminisce through the blogs of the adventurers who just crossed the start line in San Diego. I can at least be a keyboard sailor while I’m at Work.

More to come as I slack off and scour Google for links. If only the Ha Ha would put the links on their roster!


  1. Jared Brockway Says:

    Here’s another: http://sailingdrei.blogspot.com
    DREI is a Corsair 31 out of Ventura, CA.

  2. Artisancaa Says:

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  3. Cutterhiq Says:

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  4. Sanderszj Says:

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  7. Augustavw Says:

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  9. Fortressccu Says:

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  10. Dormanulq Says:

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  13. Avalancheldb Says:

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  14. Milwaukeestu Says:

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  15. Professionaltrp Says:

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  16. Speakerssb Says:

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  17. Glassmrn Says:

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